Thursday, 21 March 2013

Yeloworld's Indiegogo Campaign Helps Shrink Your Telephone Bill

Yeloworld has launched an Indiegogo campaign today in order to put its smart low-cost calling App into the hands of 100,000 smartphone users by June and expand its low-cost calling App to other platforms.

The Yeloworld App currently offers low-cost calling to any mobile or fixed landline numbers in the world, to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android users. But Yeloworld wants to expand rapidly to Blackberry and Window Mobile.
Yeloworld had a great start since the launch of its first suite of calling Apps for iOS and Android in January 2013, and it has already past the first milestone of 10,000+ downloads in a continuous effort to challenge the big established players such as SkypeOut, Google Voice, Rebtel and others with significantly lower rates for international calls.
In fact, Yeloworld is able to offer rates up to 5 times cheaper than SkypeOut in many destinations, making it a great alternative for international calling and a great App to use when roaming to avoid a shock bill on your return from a trip overseas.
Yeloworld was founded by a team of technology entrepreneurs with a track record of successful products and services in the mobile space. The team has used this experience and knowledge to create an attractive proposition to mobile users, who call internationally regularly, or who travel and were until now struggling to reduce their phone bill costs while roaming.
Yeloworld chose the global Indiegogo crowdfunding platform to boost its growth and launch the Yeloworld Apps for Blackberry and Windows Mobile and as a result increase its reach of smartphone users and attract 100,000 Yeloworld users by June .

“Our team has worked very hard in getting this far without external investment by boostrapping as much as possible. We are now engaging in long-term institutional investments, but we decided that crowdfunding was the most appropriate option for us right now in order to fulfill our immediate need. Bluntly put, we need funding to keep the lights on while we continue gathering great momentum, so that we are able to quickly create new jobs as a result.” said Philippe Joly, co-founder of Yeloworld.

The entire Yeloworld low-cost calling service is based on the belief that money can be spent on something more meaningful than a phone bill!

If you’re fed up with paying too much for international calls or when you are roaming abroad, then check the Yeloworld Indiegogo campaign and pledge away.

Every little bit helps! If you can contribute money then great, but help is not always monetary, so if you can’t help with funding at this point, there are many other ways you can contribute, for example by taking a few seconds to spread the word about Yeloworld and its Indiegogo campaign, or by sharing the campaign link on Facebook or Twitter, or by telling your friends, who may know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who may be able to help achieve the monetary goal of Yeloworld's Indiegogo campaign.